The End of the Road Tour

The End of the Road Tour
Growing up in Switzerland, in the mid to late 1970s, I was enamored with The Beatles. I thought they were the Greatest. That is where my love for Rock ’n’ Roll took root. Then, in 1979, someone handed me the 7” single for a song called I Was Made For Loving You by a band called KISS.
I became a big fan of this 'new' group that I just discovered, the visuals of KISS just blew me away. These guys were a big influence on me to become a graphic designer, and an even bigger music fan. I'll go into more detail about my ‘relation’ with KISS in a later post!
Fast forward to February 2019. KISS is now on their farewell tour, called The End Of The Road. Through my relationship with the band from having designed numerous projects for them over the years, I was able to get "all-access" passes for my family to go backstage, meet the band and have our photo taken with them. This was Ella’s second big concert that she has ever been to, so what a treat! Decorated with a flashy All-Access pass, Ella got to experience the Forum Club lounge (where lucky folks get to indulge in a variety of foods and desserts). She loved it of course! She thinks this is a normal experience for everyone now. After we enjoyed dinner, we went to get our photo taken with the band. The entire time, I was elated with happiness and pride to attend a KISS concert with my daughter, especially since it could actually be the last opportunity. 
It was my way of sharing something that was very inspirational from my childhood. I hope that it helps her to appreciate and understand my world a little better! I believe she truly enjoyed the show and everything around it. Ironically, she said "I was made for loving you" was her favorite out of that setlist. Some lucky kid she is, now she'll be expecting the rockstar treatment every time she goes to a concert!


*Featured KISS live photo at top of post courtesy of Keith Leroux

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Let them be bold and shine!

Let them be bold and shine!


xldzqbinie March 13 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Michael Berger May 13 2020

I can relate to this story Tom!

Tomo Muscionico November 3 2019

Brilliant Story Tom – you just never cease to impress us with all your talents!
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