Colby Ebner

Colby Ebner

(Lafayette, California / 12 years old)

Hi! My name is Colby Ebner, I’m 12 years old and I live in Northern California in the Bay Area. I started skateboarding about 2 years ago because one of my best friends was doing it and I thought it might be fun. I started out skateboarding on grass so I wouldn’t fall. I like street skating and a lot of the tricks I do are pretty dangerous as a beginner. As I started gaining more confidence I went to my local skate park and now I go there every day if I can. 

I love to skateboard because it gives me a sense of freedom. The other things I do, like soccer, school and modeling all include other people and skateboarding is just for me. 

One of my role models is Ryan Decenzo who is a street skater from Canada. Last year at the SLS (street league skate competition) in LA I got to meet him. He was really nice and outgoing. I walked right up to him and immediately he gave me a high five and signed an autograph. I was impressed by how humble he was even as a professional. 

My goal is to be a professional skateboarder. I think it’s a place where I can make a difference and teach young people how to do what they love but still stay kind to other people and not act like a show off. I want to prove people wrong who think that skateboarders are all uneducated or bad people who do bad things. I want to do good things for other people and for the sport. I recently rode in “pushing for pink” which is a skateboarding cause for cancer research. It was an awesome day! 

Colby is laying his path and working hard on his skating skills!


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