Before they become the fastest skier, the Olympic medalist, the sports icon, the next big artist, or the stadium-sellout-world-famous rockstar; long before you even hear about them, they begin as that young kid with big dreams who plants that seed which grows into an amazing drive to perfect their passion. The countless hours of practice to earn those merits is all worth it, all because they genuinely love what they do.

We are building a community of talented kids who are forging their own path at a very young age and their parents who are committed to making it happen for them. This is the core of the AMPS of RNRK. Featuring kids that are exceptional, dedicated and on their way to being future role models.

Don't underestimate this next generation. They will continue to push limits, achieve new heights, and break records. It starts with the Rock ’n’ Roll spirit of putting yourself front and center and not being discouraged by the possibility of judgment and failure. We want kids to feel empowered to forge their own path and not be limited by their doubts.

We are excited about designing for this next generation. We love their raw energy, their enthusiasm for new adventures, and the positive naivety that keeps them moving forward. As a new and growing company, we will be inclusive of all those attributes.

Our world is everchanging, it’s crowded and competitive. Our kids need to be bold, learn to take action and work harder to get noticed. RNRK is here to help them do that. We accept the challenges that are ahead of us because we believe these kids are super cool and we want to help them feel confident and express themselves.

RNRK is a bold brand for the next generation of leaders, trendsetters, and rockstars. Play hard! Play smart! We are rooting for you!

Meet our AMPS of RNRK and follow their journeys.

*We are on the lookout for future AMPS of RNRK between the ages of 7-13. If you would like to nominate a talented kid in music (singer, musician, band), sports (any!) or art (illustrator, painter, etc). Please send us an email to

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Cash and Maverick

Maverick and Cash Lane

Jayden Elias

Jayden Elias

Luca Stocker

Luca Stocker


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